Wow! You’re a Social Influencer!!!

January 29, 2013 in Non-Tech, Social Media

Dumb, incomplete, fake, easy to manipulate, accurate, fair…These are all things that people say about social media influencer scores. Hey, I myself use some of these tools to report back to management in my current job on how I stack up in the conversation. The truth is while none of the services can accurately measure level of engagement, true influence you have on someone, or your knowledge of a specific topic companies do need something to base the social strategy on. Therefore, these “scores” won’t go away until something better comes along. I mean, can you really tell me that I should listen to someone who has a klout score of 80+ over someone who is only in the 40’s? These services only judge what you can pay for. I can pay for followers, content, RT’s, mentions. You know what they don’t do a good job of? They can’t measure engagement and sentiment. Once a company truly figures this out, these influencer scores may actually mean something. But these are just my opinions, leave a comment and let me know what you think!