What Happened To The NFL!?

September 17, 2012 in Non-Tech

As I sit and watch the Denver/Atlanta game I can’t help but to think what has happened to the NFL.  I know the replacement ref’s are calling to the best of their ability, but c’mon man!  They are missing a lot of very blatant calls on both defense, not to mention how inconsistent they are on the spot of the ball.  As if the blown calls weren’t enough, I feel as if these replacement referee’s are being influenced by the coaches and the players.

Now, I know this won’t hurt the NFL’s bottom line because in the end fans will still go to watch their teams.  I do think however, that this terrible for the game itself.  I am not fully aware of what the disagreement is between the NFL and the ref’s is, but one can only think it comes down to money.  How far will this go…until a team is knocked out of playoff contention by bad calls or worse a player is injured due to a blown call.  From a fan’s point of view I think they just need to meet halfway so I can enjoy the game I love to watch!

Your thoughts???