Playing Catch Up!

June 1, 2012 in Auto, Non-Tech

At the time I had my truck lifted I didn’t have the blog so I figured I’d back track a little and tell you about it. I’ve waited over 7 years and went through 3 trucks but have finally been able to get my truck to look the way I want. You can can see from below my truck started out as a plain 2010 Ford F150. It really wasn’t a bad looking truck to begin with, but my wife kept telling me my truck was a finesse truck because it said “Platinum” on the back. For some reason she didn’t think it looked tough enough. In some ways I agree, I mean I had to switch the Pirelli tires it came with from the start because they were a little weak for all-terrains.


But it still didn’t have that “aggressive” look I was wanting. So I decided, I’m just going to pull the trigger and get it done. Started out by researching some of the lifts, found some really good reviews from F150 Online and F150 Forums. The pro comp lifts were really expensive and rancho 4” lift had really good reviews and was ok price wise, but I really wanted 6” and those didn’t have very good reviews. I finally decided on the nicely priced rough country lift. A lot of people on the forums went with this lift because of the price, but were extremely surprised with the quality and durability. I already knew I wanted 35” nitto tires…now I just had to find the right rims. My initial thought was to go with the XD badlands, but no one could get these…I searched country wide and everyone was out of stock. I couldn’t go with the XD rock stars, because EVERYONE has those. So I decided on the XD monsters. I have seen a lot of them around but they are always black, so I went with chrome.

Ok so now the look is right with the lift, tires, and rims…now what about performance? Pushing that much rubber is going to have an effect on my MPG and throttle response. So I looked to Edge Performance to see what they have. I decided to go with their color touch screen. It hasn’t disappointed me yet. Response is great, it added 20hp, AND I am getting 17-19 MPG in the city (haven’t taken a road trip yet). I also wanted to have dual exhaust, but didn’t want anything to loud and annoying..been there done that. So I looked around and found the dynomax bullet. From all the reviews I read it had the right tone and volume I wanted. Best part is after having it installed there is no drone inside the cab while driving. My next purchase for it will be the K&N cold air kit and air filters, which should help it breathe a lot better.

So below is the final product! I put two different pics up because they sent the wrong rims at first, but I will admit the black rims did grow on me…but there are too many of those around Smile. I can say I waited a long time but it looks just the way I want. What do you think? Is there anything else I should add?

truck-black rimstruck-chrome