My Issue with Ford Service

June 28, 2013 in Auto, Non-Tech

I purchased a 2010 Platinum F150 4×4 from Mac Haik Ford Georgetown in April of 2010.  Now, when my extended warranty started to come to an end I decided I wanted to purchase and extended warranty and keep my truck under warranty for as long as possible.  This is when I talked to one of the finance managers.  He was very helpful and help me with purchasing an extended premium warranty for an additional 3 years and 75k miles….or so I thought. Apparently what I purchased was a 3 year 75k mile warranty from the date of the purchase of the truck, which means my warranty kept the initial 3 years and expired in April of this year. I am very concerned that this was not relayed to my upon purchasing the warranty. If I had known that all it did was add miles I would have went another direction, as when I bought the warranty in 2012 I had already lost a year of my warranty. However, I have had 0 issues with my truck so I have never needed the warranty ( good feeling since this was my 1st Ford).

Fast forward to today June 27, 2013.  My sunroof has decided that it will not open.  I take my truck in and request service. The service advisor checks my warranty and sees that it has expired.  This is when I go in and talk to another finance manager who explains what happen.  See my plan was to extend the warranty for an additional Ford ESP plan for 3 years and 36k miles past the factory warranty. Then when that extended warranty was about to expire I could add another year and 25k miles. The previous finance manager advised me this would be between $400-$500. But now that my warranty is out, it will cost me $2000.

This concerns me for a number of reasons. I know you are in the business to make money, we all are.  However, I know that if it costs $400 in April it should cost $400 in June. Only difference is I am “out of warranty”. The thing that bothers me the most is I always have my truck serviced at Mac Haik, and NOT ONCE did anyone ever say “Mister Smith, I just wanted to let you know your warranty will expire in a few months”. See I was just in in February and could have renewed it then!

So I get on twitter and start talking with the @FordService team. They are very helpful and take my information and forward it to their customer service team. Well, when I talk to the customer service team they kind of blow past the whole warranty issue and offer to split the cost of repair with me on the sunroof. This is a very kind gesture, but the money is still coming out of my pocket. My concern is that I want my truck under warranty and no one seems to get that. I have sent an email to the general manager of Mac Haik basically stating the same thing in this blog.

To be honest, if I have to spend $2000 for a warranty, I could just use that as a down payment on a new truck, maybe a Ford ( Not from Mac Haik) and get a full warranty for 3 years.