It’s The Little Things

June 12, 2012 in Events, Non-Tech

So I was at the tweetup for Dell Storage Forum 2012 last night and someone asked me, “what was the best part of today”.  My initial thought was there was some great product announcements and it was great seeing some old friends I haven’t seen in a while.  But throughout the day today that question kept coming up in  my head.  So I really started thinking about it and here is what I think.

The past few days at DSF12 have been great because they have been different than the past few events I have been to.  Let me clarify that those events were great, but this one is just a little better.  I think the reason became extremely clear today as I was talking to a few customers after the mornings keynote.  That’s it….I am getting to talk to customers, hearing there thoughts on what we’re doing with our products, what they like/dislike, and how can we make it better.  At this event I am not just standing in a booth interviewing someone that is just giving me a high level overview of something.  Granted those videos may be necessary because a lot of people are not at the event and don’t get to hear that in the booth, but most we’ve seen or heard before.  But now I get to walk around and see the hands on labs, sit in on some of the technical sessions, and most of all get to talk to you guys.  I get to hear how I can do a better job of creating content on Dell TechCenter or what products you want to see more of on our site.

That’s it, something as simple as just getting to talk to people.  Sometimes it’s the little things that make you realize why you like your job.  So if you’re at the closing celebration at Fenway Park…hit me up and say hi!

What do you think?