Hands on with the Nokia Lumia 920–First Impressions

May 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

So a few weeks ago I jokingly sent a tweet out to Nokia asking if I could “test” one of there devices.  Within the hour John (at Nokia) responded and pointed me to a form to fill out. So I entered my information and what I would like to test on the phone and hit submit.



Now, I have filled a lot of these forms out for many different products so I never expected to go any further than this.  The next day I get an email from Nokia saying that they would love for me to test drive their Lumia 920. Then what do you know…4 days later and it’s in my hand.


First impression is that it feels like a solid phone although it is quite a bit heavier than my previous Samsung Galaxy S2.  I like the 4.5” screen and it’s still possible to do everything with one hand. The 32Gb of storage is nice, although I would have like to have the option of adding my own SD card. I am really looking forward to taking some pictures with this phone since I have heard how great the camera is, especially in low light.

Now to get a mico SIM card and transfer my contacts and get started!