Building Out A VMware Home Lab

February 25, 2013 in Networking, Storage, Tech, Virtualization

Sounds exciting right!  Well a while back I wrote how I was going to build out a view environment in the Dell TechCenter lab.  Due to some circumstances out of my control that idea passed and I have not been able to covert the dream into reality.  Hence I have turned my attention to building out a “Mobile Lab” that will allow me to learn more about the products/technology themselves and also be able to take it to any events that I may attend.

I will be posting some updates on the build here, but would love to hear about your home lab setup.  Feel free to pass along any tips, tricks, or problems you have run into.  As far as hardware, below is is what I am working with:

Dell Precision Mobile Workstation 6700:


I should have plenty of power with an i7-3940 extreme processor and 32Gb of memory!


For storage I have elected to go with 2 512Gb SSD drives.  With the option of adding a 2TB external drive if need be. 🙂


Stay tuned for more!

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