Taking My Talents to South Beach…A New Role with EMC

June 19, 2014 in Non-Tech, Social Media, Uncategorized


Okay so this announcement may not be as dramatic as LeBrons and maybe it’s a little bit more north than South Beach. I have found that in life the some of the best opportunities present themselves when you’re not looking for them. Over the past 10 years at Dell I have moved around to a few different teams and even some of those opportunities were just dropped in my lap. I started of working on the tech support side and quickly moved up and was approached by the community team to help monitor customer conversations around enterprise products. My thought was “I get paid to answer forum questions? Sweet!” Soon after that I was introduced to Dell TechCenter. I thought this would be an awesome team to join. They get to play with all the new enterprise products and develop content that helps customers! Well you guessed it, about 6 months after that my current manager left Dell and my team was split. The only logical place for me to go was to TechCenter and thankfully those guys agreed. In the past 5 years we have grown the community almost 5 times what it was and also introduced the Dell TechCenter Rockstar program. I have been very fortunate to work with some great people and also meet some awesome people outside of Dell via community and industry events.

It just so happens one of those people I met in person, Sean Thulin and then followed on twitter sent out a tweet that they were looking for someone to help build/grow their community and the EMC Elect program. I reached out and ask for details but it seemed they wanted someone local and after just buying a house in January I am not ready to do that again :). A day or two passed and I see a message come across saying “if you’re interested we should definitely talk!”

I was hesitant at first, just because I have been with Dell for 10 years. But after talking with my wife and then talking about the opportunity with Brace and his team I felt that this was a great opportunity. I think this will be a great beginning to the next chapter in my career. So today I will be accepting a new role with EMC as Principal Engagement Manager. I will be working with Sean and Mark Browne on ways to build, grow, and most of all involve the EMC Elect program into anything and everything that EMC does. Not only will I get to talk with some really smart and cool people via social and in person, I will be trying to coordinate some time for our elect members to get together both at industry events and for some “just because” events. I already have tons of ideas, so will see how long it takes them to say “slow down” :). With that being said, I am always looking for new ideas so feel free to shoot me a note if you have one and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

I can’t express in this blog how thrilled I am to join this great team and how excited I am to see what amazing things we can do with the EMC community!

As always you can continue to follow me here, on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ ( I think people are still there). Now to spend some time tracking down all the sites I am a member of and change my bio :).